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CDI GlobalSuite provides casino industry-leading visualization and analysis solutions empowering users with extraordinary access and insights to their data.

Advanced Analytics for Casinos of All Sizes



User-friendly and powerful interactive floor visualizations, reports, and dashboards allow end users to quickly identify game and player performance trends, anomalies, and more. With our technology, casinos can access comprehensive data and insights to make better, more informed decisions to drive revenue growth.


At CDI, we place a priority in building a friendly system that allows users to get the most out of the application in the shortest amount of time. We are committed to constantly improving our products and services to meet the growing demands of our clients.


We help operators to use their game play data to quickly identify winning and losing themes and who's playing the devices. By leveraging our insights, operators can quickly and easily optimize their gaming floor space, leading to more efficient and profitable operations.

Casino Floor Visualizations

Report Analysis


Real Time

Single and Multi-Locations

 Casino Data Imaging

Since our inception in 2001, Casino Data Imaging has been providing the casino industry with leading interactive and affordable visualization and anlysis solutions. Our technology can be found in casinos across the United States, as well as Macau, the Philippines, and South America. 


GlobalSuite installations range from 200 EGDs to over 4,000. One of our multi-site customers utilize GlobalSuite to manage 30,000 EGD's over 40 plus locations.

User Base

An exceptionally talented GlobalSuite user base continues to influence and advance our product set. We continually refine and advance the application focusing on smart actionable features and overall end-user  experience. 

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