GlobalSuite Features

Floor Visualization

Floor visualization is GlobalSuite's premier feature. It reproduces the gaming floor with dynamically colored tables and slots. Data overlays and tables are integrated directly into the environment.

GlobalSuite Modules

Slots are the primary driver of gaming revenue for most casinos, so slot analysis is built into every installation of GlobalSuite.


Tables are a dynamic part of the gaming floor with constantly changing games, configurations, and players. Have the data to optimize table game performance.


Know your players, what they play, and how they play.


Operators who install GlobalSuite at multiple locations receive an enterprise view with company-wide gaming data.


Frequently asked questions

What accounting systems work with GlobalSuite?

Casino Data Imaging has customers with all major accounting systems. GlobalSuite works on each of them as well as custom EDWs. If the data is available, CDI can integrate it to GlobalSuite.

How many users can access GlobalSuite?

There are no limits to the number of total or concurrent users to GlobalSuite. Because the number of users have no impact on pricing, we advise our customers to provide access to everyone who could find value in this product.

How many sites be linked under a single operator?

GlobalSuite can be installed at a single casino or across dozens of locations. Multi-site operators receive an enterprise view into the data, giving them access to data from all locations.

What is the installation and upgrade process?

Installation is typically done remotely. The entire installation process typically takes 4 weeks. The first 3 weeks are preparation for the installation. The final week is used for client installations, training, and data validation. Upgrades are simple. Users receive a notice whenever a new version of the software is released. To upgrade, a user just has to accept the new version and allow the software to shut down, update, then restart.

How much does GlobalSuite cost?

Casino Data Imaging prides itself on running a lean and cost conscious company. As a result, GlobalSuite provides the best BI deal in the gaming industry. Pricing plans are available for all operator sizes, from small casinos focused on local business, to the largest multi-site destination casinos. Add-on modules are optional purchases that expand the scope of GlobalSuite by integrating additional datasets to the program.