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A company of gaming professionals making software for the gaming industry


Decades of experience in the casino industry allowed Casino Data Imaging to build software that is custom designed for the industry. All the reports and visualizations were designed with one goal in mind: delivering actionable insights to the modern gaming professional.

First product release in 2001 with CasinoCAD

Casino Data Imaging was founded in 2001 with the release of CasinoCAD, a revolutionary casino business intelligence product with a dynamically colored gaming floor map populated with slots and table games. The popular software spread throughout the industry, to single and multi-site operators.

Latest product, GlobalSuite, delivered in 2015


Casino Data Imaging built upon more than a decade of insights gained from CasinoCAD and released GlobalSuite for sale in 2015. This software was a complete redesign of what operators found so useful in the company's legacy applications. The updates delivered responsive dashboards, dynamic reports, and ground-breaking visuals all built on a modern software architecture base.

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